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Bahama Mamas, LLC is headquartered in Charlotte, NC with offices also in Las Vegas NV. We are part of the Potomac Tobacco Group,the owners of Bahama Mamas cigars, the Bahama Mamas brand name and all pertaining trademarks, with all worldwide production sales and distribution rights reserved.


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- Sunsets Last Longer on the Islands -

Bahama Mamas





Bahama Mamas invented island style and taste, to go with sunsets, beaches, backyards, good food, and friendship.

The best cigars are the ones you relax with..

Wherever you are.

We are dedicated to quality and value. We are devoted to offering unique, affordable cigar enjoyment to adventuresome premium smokers. Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, each Bahama Mamas cigar offers the perfect balance of smoothness and ‘interesante’.


Each cigar has a different infused accent to enhance rather than characterize the taste of our select premium long leaf.

our cigars

Everything Old Is New Again

Exceptional handmade premium cigars imported from the Dominican Republic.

Our selected aged tobaccos are not unlike others, but when Bahama Mamas wrapper, binder, and long leaf filler are uniquely combined, they creates true cigar pleasure.

Sumatra Bezuki Leaf aged for smoothness. Piloto Cuban Binder for balance. Infused Criollo long filler to deliver flavors that enhance rather than characterize.

Balance, body, and smoothness with an accent.

Petite Corona, Robusto, Gordito, Toro.

Sizes to match any occasion.

Bahama Mamas Bardstown Blend Robusto-061



When we bought the company, we set out to re-create the Bahama Mamas brand to deliver better cigars. Our goal is to offer you our very unique combination of Bahamas Island Style and Dominican Island Detail.


Today, the Bahama Mamas brand is presented to promise excellence. Through better standards, better selection, better hand rolled quality, better finish and better presentation.

If you are a distributor or retailer, call us today!

We promise you will be glad you did.

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